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Many times we have furniture or desks that we want or need to protect from daily living (water rings, etc.).  Moore’s Glass can create custom tabletops and desktops for you in order to extend the life of your furniture.



You can call us with your measurements and we will custom make your table/desk top and then pick it up at your convenience.


If you are unsure of the measurements, you can bring us the piece (if possible) and we will create the template or do the measurement and ensure the glass fits perfectly before you pick it back up.


If your piece is not a square, rectangle or circle, we will need a template in order to create a custom top.  You can create this template yourself using Kraft paper (or something similar), or you can arrange for us to come to you and create the template.  There is a service call fee for this service, and it depends on the distance from our shop to your home/office.


Moore’s Glass will also arrange for delivery and installation of your table/desktop glass if needed.  There is a delivery/installation charge for this service, and it depends on the distance from our shop to the delivery location.


Moore’s Glass has very talented Glaziers, who can cut glass freehand or use patterns, and are able to create many intricate designs.  We can do flat polish, rounded corners, holes in the center, etc.  Just ask us and we’ll let you know if we can do it!


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